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http://netgents.com/connectors/system/phpthumb.php Visit Nepal: The Nepal Tourism Board has launched the ‘Tourism Year Nepal 2020‘ campaign to attract more tourists after the earthquake 2015. Nepal is a Himalayan country with a typical culture. The land area of this country is  56,827 sq m and the northern part of this country includes a wide variety of mountains and stunning peaks. Out of many reasons, mountain trek is very popular.  The best time to Visit Nepal depends on your choice. We have listed more than 40 reasons in this blog about why to visit Nepal in 2020.


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purchase Lyrica from canada Highlights of the reasons why should Visit Nepal once in Lifetime

More than 20 %  of the park has protection since Nepal has pristine beauty of Nature, Himalayas Ranges, and multiple cultures and endless traditions. Here is the list of highlights of why to visit Nepal.

  • 60 Ethnic Groups
  • More than 92 different languages spoken within Nepal
  • More than 1200 spiritual monasteries
  • World 10 Heritages
  • 845 types of Birds
  • Exotic orchids with different  species of 319
  • 15 varieties of Butterflies
  • Natural Treasure Trove
  • Awesome Amphitheatre
  • Stunning Landscapes
  • Amazing Mustard Fields
  • Paddy Fields
  • Tea Gardens
  • Lakes
  • Tropical ever Green forests
  • The habitation of Wildlife  like Bengal Tiger
  • Holy temples
  • Destination of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • More than 100 festivals
  • Ancient Architecture
  • Friendly People
  • Kumari Living Goddess
  • City of Temples ( Capital city)
  • Patan city ( Fine Arts )
  • City of Religious devotees (Bhaktapur )
  • Most Sacred Hindu Temple  (Pashupatinath )
  • Janaki Temple
  • Muktinath Temple
  • Lumbini ( The Birthplace of Lord Buddha )
  • Rafting
  • Trekking
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Kayaking
  • Paragliding
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Paragliding
  • Biking,
  • Canyoning,
  • Micro-light Aircraft,
  • Cable Cars,
  • Jet Ski,
  • Boating,
  • Golfing,
  • Mountain flights,
  • Jungle Safari

http://www.happy-home.waw.pl/3744-dtpl91113-aneta-singli.html Here are Genuine Regions to visit Nepal 

Naturally, Nepal has the highest mountain, many people know as Sagarmatha or Mt. Everest(8848m). Most visitors or trekkers come to  Nepal for experiencing the natural beauty and feeling. When it comes to mountains Nepal is very rich. Everest, Annapurna, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri are the most popular mountain for trekking in Nepal.

8 of the World’s 14 Highest Peaks

Following mountains or peaks that really reflect the beauty of Nepal very much.

(from the sea level)
1. Everest 8,848 1st Highest
2. Kanchenjunga 8,586 #3rd Highest
3. Lhotse 8,516 #4th Highest
4. Makalu 8,485 #5th Highest
5. Cho Oyu 8,188 #6th Highest
6. Dhaulagiri I 8,167 #7th Highest
7. Manaslu 8,163 #8th Highest
8. Annapurna I 8,091 #10th Highest


Naturally Nepal Once Is Not Enough-you can get a chance to make Lifetime Experience in 2020. Explaining about nature is very difficult, when you come to see then you may feel a real touching of nature which could be very different joy and excitement. Visitors can come across the variety of animals like Red Pandas, Snow leopards, Thar, Blue Sheep in the mountain region apart from this you could see multi-pal evergreen trees. There are 852  birds along with Spiny Babbler and  Red-Headed Trogan.

Nearly, 44% of the forest has covered  the land

  • Sub-Alpine Forest (3000-4200m)
  • Upper Temperate Forest (2700-3000m )
  • Lower Temperate Forest (2000-2700m)
  • Sub-Tropical Forest (1000-2000m)
  • Tropical Forest (below 1000m)

More than 20 %  of the park has the protection

Nepal does have many parks like Chitwan National park, Bardia National Park, Koshitappu National Park even big conservation areas like Annapurna Conservation Area and Sagarmatha Conservation Area.

 124  Ethnic Groups in Nepal 

Nepal is very rich in terms of culture and casts Like Bahun, Chhetri, Gurung, Magar, Tharu, Tamang, Newar, Yadav and many more. Every cast has its own traditions and cultures even language and lifestyle.

More than 92 different languages spoken within Nepal

Mostly, different caste has different languages who could speak their own mother language apart from the National language.

More than 1200 spiritual monasteries

There is a majority of Hindu and Buddhist so there are many famous monasteries like Swoyambhu and Bouddha Stupa. Many devotees go into monasteries for pray and peace life.

10 World Heritage Sites and 7 within an area of 20 KMs

Nepal has many international world heritages place include Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changu Narayan Temple, Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, and Lumbini.

 845 types of Birds

Many birds that reside in different regions of Nepal which offers a beautiful reflection of Nepal. On the other hand,  most birds migrate from one place to the other.  The Avifauna which includes 907 species of birds.

Exotic orchids with different  species of 319

Nepal has been famous for orchids along with 319 species, these are the main places that really attract many botanical as well as other visitors very much.

15 varieties of Butterflies

There are branded orange awlet, orange awl, orange alwet, green, alwet, small green awlet, gornage tail awl, and common alwl these are one the types.

Natural Treasure Trove 

A true visitor could have unparalleled access to this land-locked country. It is the home of more than 10 tallest mountains even best for hiking in the overwhelming peaks and the birthplace of Buddha. In addition, there are amazing wildlife observation opportunities and ancient cities.

Stunning Landscapes

There is a wide variety of mountains within Nepal and it offers different types of landscapes, usually, the upper mustang has stunning landscapes ever.

Amazing Mustard Fields 

Mustard is one of the best products of Nepal which is very famous for oil production in Nepal, it blooms very beautifully in the form of Yellow color. Most people who praise this farming very much.


It covers almost all the needs of people in Nepal, mostly many Nepalese who use this product for living and sustaining. Farmers who do paddy farming in the monsoon. It is the main production. This would be next visit Nepal experience in the Tourism Year.

 Tea Gardens

Illam is the hub for national and international farming even the best production though there are other places for tea farming. The altitude of 1300-1500 meters from the sea level. Even Hybrid tea is also famous. Moving to this place offers you the best pleasure even a green tea garden creates a beautiful feeling. You could make a tour for Illam for a Visit Nepal 2020.

 Lakes in Nepal 

There are many lakes in Nepal. Tilicho lake is the highest lake in the world which lies in the Manang district and there are many lakes even in Pokhara city including Phewa and Begnas lake. Most visitors come for boating on Phewa lake. There are many lakes like Gosaikunda lake, Gudi lake, Gupha Pokhari, Gajedi Tall, Ghodaghodi Tal, Gokyo Lakes, Gorakshep lake, Taudha lake, and Tsho Rolpa lake. There are more than 33 lakes in Nepal so you can plan for visiting for 2020.

Tropical ever Green forests

Nepal has the tropical deciduous Monsoon forest which is available in the hill ranges of Nepal(1800 m). Subtropical Mixed Evergreen forests that have a presence in the outer wall of the Himalayan range(2400 m). Temperate Evergreen forests lie in the lower slopes of Himalaya(2400m). It includes the oaks even pine trees. Sub-alpine and alpine Zone where in this region, even wild yaks, muse hare, musk deer, snow leopard, and blue sheep and when it comes to forests juniper scrub, rhododendron, and woody vegetation is available.

The habitation of Wildlife  like Bengal Tiger

There is wild-lives habitation in different regions of Nepal.  When it comes to Tiger an adult tiger has nearly 3 meters of length which include the nose and up-to tail their normal weight is more than 250 kg. Tigers available in Chitwan National park even in Parsa and other places of Nepal.

Holy temples

There are many temples in Kathmandu even outside of this city. The famous Hindu temple is Pashupatinath temple and it reflects the history of 400 BC. It has laid in the riverside of Bagmati and it is the temple of Lord Shiva.

Muktinath temple is in Jomsom where many Hindu, as well as Buddhist devotees, go to this temple for worshiping God. This temple lies at 3710 m in Mustang Nepal. Even manly people to this temple for the salvation of sinners.

Janaki Temple is also one of the temples in Nepal. Even people from India come to this temple for prayer. This temple does have three-storied with 60 romms along with 50 m of height.

Manakamana Temple is yet another temple where many devotees worship for fulfilling their wish even desire, this temple is out of Kathmandu city in Nepal. There are many temples like Changunarayan, Budhanilkantha and Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple.

More festivals than days in the year

Nepal is rich in terms of festivals and more than 100 hundred festivals reflect the beauty of celebration in diffident communities and religion. Each religion has various practices for their festival. Dashain is the most significant festival among the Hindu community, it offers the meaning of victory over evil. So, senior people offer a blessing to their families and people celebrate for 10 days.

Tihar is the second festival right after Dashain, in this festival brothers who receive blessing from their sisters and share gifts with each other.

Holi festival is the colorful festival all most all communities of people gather and play with color and this festival hails in the winter season. It reflects the victory of over evil.

Buddha Jayanti is also a national festival of Nepal, many Buddhists gather to celebrate the birthday of Buddha.

Mahashivaratri falls in the winter season and most people gather and burn firewood in order to take the heat.  Most devotees of  Hindu carry out this festival with great excitement.

Maghesankranti takes place in the month of Nepali Magh 1st, most people celebrate by having good foods in order to sustain very well during the winter season.

Teej festival, this is only the festival in Nepal, women who gather and celebrate with fasting and celebration. Mostly,  Hindu women who part take in this celebration and they worship to Lord Shiva.

Chatt is yet another for the Terai community, they worship the Sun God for three days. They have a belief that the sun is the curator of diseases and offers the blessing.

Gai Jatra is one of the festivals, mostly Newari people of  Kathmandu valley even by the Tharu community in Terai. They pray for the separated souls and God Yamaragj.

Ancient Architecture

Nepalese architecture is unique in terms of art and design.  Nepali designs reflect the Tibetan and Buddhist art in the Stupa however in the temples the Pagoda has been used. When it comes to style the dome and summit style is very popular.

Friendly People

Most people are very friendly enough so it is very easy to communicate with while traveling. “Namaste” is a commonly used greeting word that every people speaks in Nepal.

Kumari Living Goddess

The Kumari is a virgin girl who is a prepubescent girl and taken from Shakaya caste or Bajracharya within Newari communities and  Hindu people who worship this Kumari, there are many Kumaris but the best one is Royal Kumari of Kathmandu who lives in the Kumari Ghar.

City of Temples

The capital city is very famous for many temples, therefore people know as the city of temples.

Patan city

It is very near to Kathmandu city and this city also very famous for beautiful designs and art. There are temples like Krisna and others.

Bhaktapur city

Even Bhaktapur city is very popular in terms of arts and classic designs. All visitors could use buses or private vehicles in order to reach this place. Especially, temples have mysterious designs. It is wise to make a plan for visiting in 2020.


This place is very famous for Lord Buddha’s followers since the Lord  Buddha was born in this place. There are many attractive  Stupas in many forms of design.


Hiking on the lap of the Himalayas very famous in Nepal. There are many trek destinations.  Trekking in Nepal is very relevant and offers the best feeling of excitement. So, thousand of trekkers who come trek in the Himalaya of Nepal. Most hikers wish to see the stunning peaks even mountains. Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Kanchenjunga Region, Langtang Region, and Manaslu Region are the most popular hiking trails in Nepal.


Some visitors wish to do rafting on the river or riverside and Rafting offers the joy of adventure. There are many rafting agents who do a promotion.  The service of rafting is available in Pokhara city even Chitwan and other places like Bhotekoshi and Dhading.

Bungee Jumping

Even the  Bungee Jumping is also famous in Pokhara and Bhote Koshi. It could be your relevant place for your visit in 2020. Bungee jumping offers you yet another excitement. While jumping you could take a picture even video.


Paragliding has been also the best choice for many visitors while in Pokhara city. While doing this one, you will enjoy the most with stunning views of Pokhara city even in Capital city.


This has been also the option for many visitors, You could hire a bike either in Pokhara city or  Kathmandu city for riding. Additionally, you could have an amazing time.


Adventurous visitors could part take in Canyoning somewhere in the best spot.


Boating would be a good experience while in Pokhara city or any other lakes of Nepal. Probably, the experience of boating could be enchanting.

Mountain flights

Flying over the mountains or peaks is popular most scenic visitors who would love to take mountain flights in order to view the stunning views of mountains and snowplowed mountains. Annapurna Mountain Flight and Everest Mountain Flight is the most popular flight packages in Nepal.

Jungle Safari

Safari is very famous while in Chitwan National park if you are an animal lover then it would be the best destination. Seeing a wide variety of animals could be a wonderful experience along with traveling. Bardia and Koshitappu National Parks are also a popular destination for Jungle Safari.

Cable Cars

If you wish to experience Cable Cars then the destination would be in Manakamana or in Chandragiri Hill of Nepal. While moving with the help of a Cable car then you will see a wide variety of views of hills and villages even cities.


There are some gulf lovers, they enjoy playing golf just for pleasure. Golfing in Nepal is being popular each day as comparing to before. You can play golf inside Kathmandu valley.

Micro-light Aircraft

If you wish to fly then you can get access to Micro-Light Aircraft while in Pokhara city just to view the green mountains, fishtails and beautiful city.


Even Kayaking is possible in the summer, visitors can have a long Kayaking while on the rivers of Nepal.

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