Annapurna Massif

Trekking guide to Annapurna Mountain

The overview of Annapurna Mountain

Annapurna Massif is famous and gloried  mountain which sits in north central part of Nepal. Annapurna the word offers the meaning of fulfillment. The highest Annapurna I is 8090 meters from the sea level. Annapurna is the tenth highest mountain in the world.

Annapurna Mountain height includes thirteen peaks ranging for 8000 meters (26000 ft) to 7000 meters (23 000 ft). In addition, over 6000 peaks winch ranges from 6000 meters with 20000 ft.

This mountain has bounded with Kali Gandaki Gorge in the far west whereas in the northern by the Marshyangdi River and east part of this mountain is the Pokhra city.

However, the western part of this mountain is  Annapurna Sanctuary (Annapurna I). This is main mountain which has the elevation of 8,090 meters.

French expedition team had made successful summit in Annapurna I with the leadership of Maurice Herzog and known for first eight thou -sanders climbers in 1950.

The whole massif is very large with 7629 square kilometer. Furthermore, Annapurna region is main destination for world class trekkers for instance Annapurna circuit Trek and Annapurna Sanctuary well known as Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

The Annapurna massif are most dangerous peaks for climbing throughout the world. Moreover, Annapurna weather is very dynamic and changeable. Sometimes,it becomes very difficult and many hikers know this problems as the Annapurna mountain difficulty.

Annapurna region covers all Annapurna mountain peaks such Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV , Annapurna V more and other peaks.

Nearly 43 people died by the snow storms and dangerous avalanches around Annapurna region. This was most sad disaster in the trekking history in October 2014.

Despite of all challenges, still the Annapurna mountain remains very famous for hiking and best destination for crazy  peak climbers in the world.

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