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How much does Everest Base Camp Trek Cost?

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most popular and top-rated trekking route in Nepal. In fact, trekking in this region is cheaper than in other regions. But total costs for any trekking route depends on many things. In this blog, we will give you a detailed guide about the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost. Here are some questions regarding the Everest Base Camp Trek:

How many days are you planning for the Everest Base Camp trek?

  • Which season are you planning to trek?- Peak season is quite expensive than offseason.
  • What type of the trek are you planning?- All-inclusive, independent, or guide only.
  • Which route do you wish to cover?- The classic Jiri route is quite cheaper than the Lukla route.

buy cephalon provigil online Here is a detailed explanation of the Everest Base Camp cost:

If we talk about the trekking agency then they charge $1100 to $1500 per person on average. If you are connected with Annapurna Mountain Trek then we offer you up to $1199 per person. Please have a look, here is the breakdown cost detail of the treks.

Seesen Cost of guides and porters

A guide is a person who leads you to your destination by providing you all facilities like accommodation, food, help you to communicate with local people, and so on. And a porter is some who carry your all luggage during whole trekking days. They are the person who helps you throughout your whole trekking journey.

If you are traveling a new place then it is very necessary to take a guide and porter with you. And always make sure to take a license holder guide which is issued by the Government of Nepal. If you are hiring an experienced guide with you then they usually charge $30-$40. Likewise, a well-experienced porter charges $20-$30 per day. In peak season because of heavy loads porter except more than they charge so better to carry extra money with you.

gabapentin purchase online uk   https://www.injectmatic.com/1213-dtgf43628-naked-boys-pics.html Costs of Permits

While trekking in Everest Base Camp, basically you need to have two permits. Sagarmatha National Park and TIMS are two necessary permits for Everest Base Camp Trek.

The price of Sagarmatha National Park is $33 per person. Also, with the help of this permit, you are allowed to enter in Khumbu region as well.

The price of TIMS varies according to its type:

Organized TIMS card: $10

Individual TIMS card: $20

SAARC country TIMS card: $3

Note: In the present condition, instead of TIMS you are requested to buy a local permit which costs $20 per person.

Round trip flights from Kathmandu to Lukla

Lukla is the gateway to Everest Base Camp which is 45 minutes away from a flight. This flight is taken in every morning from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM. You will be charged $177 for a flight. Price is not changeable, it is fixed all around the year. Neither it changes in peak season nor offseason.

 Travel insurance costs

The Himalayas in Nepal is quite rough and difficult to travel. It is adventurous and rugged but risky as well. The weather, climate, and strong wind make your journey bad and it might be difficult to walk in trekking trails. Especially for those who don’t have trekking experience in Nepal yet. So, make sure to have travel insurance for 30 days.

Travel insurance cost is very much important before traveling to Nepal. Sometimes, there might be an emergency case so that insurance will help you to rescue at a time. Insurance costs vary with companies. Insurance costs include health status and activities that you’re involved in. On average, 30-days insurance policy costs $150 while taking insurance for trekking in Nepal. Up to 6,000 meters of insurance will cover all emergencies.

 Trekking equipment

The cost of trekking equipment depends upon the preference and how much do you have. It also depends upon whether you want to buy a new one or taking equipment in rent. Some basic equipment that you need while trekking in Everest Base Camp is sleeping bags, thermal clothing waterproof hiking boots, camp shoes, trekking poles, waterproof clothes, hand gloves, and sunglasses. Altogether buying all equipment will cost $2,000 with first hand. In case if you have already these then you need to buy some of these only.

Costs for food and accommodations

As the Everest region is commonplace for travelers, there are several hotels, tea houses, lodges, for making the trek easier and comfortable. More number of lodges are providing Nepali dishes which include Dal, Bhat, Curry, and Pickle. But in standard hotels, you will get different types of cuisines. In higher altitude, it is very necessary to be careful about your food and always make sure to carry a water purifier with you.

As the season change, the cost of accommodation and food also changes. Likely, it also changes according to the place where you’re staying. As we say the lower region is less costly than the higher altitude. On average, it will cost $25-$30 for the accommodation and food in Everest Base Camp Trek. During peak season, it is difficult to find rooms so that may need to share the rooms. But in offseason, there is no more guests so you can also ask for the extra blanket.

Costs for independent trekkers

This is the easiest way to save money or if you have less budget. In case if you are independent trekkers then you don’t need to pay for a guide and porter. Your cost only includes accommodation, meals, drinks, permits, and flight. Besides, you can also remove flight costs if you walk through Salleri to Lukla.

As per your budget, this is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to reduce your travel cost. But if you feel insecure then it is better to travel in a group. If you got an emergency then your guide will help you at any cost but independent trekkers might not get proper treatment in case of emergencies.

Other miscellaneous costs

Charging electronic devices

Across the trek route, charging electronic devices such as mobile, camera batteries, and other electronic devices costs $2-$5. Also if you are charging this device in a remote area then your price may differ from this price.

During peak season there is less chance of getting a chance to charge your electronic devices due to more number of tourists. Also in case of offseason, there is less number of tourists then you can ask to charge your devices for free. You will pay money for charging per hour.

Gratitude for guides and porters

At the end of the trek, the guide and porter are excepting for some amount of tips and tourists also show some gratitude to their guide and porters by providing some tips. There is no limitation for the fixed price of your tips. It depends upon you how much should be given to guide and porter for making them happy.


During your trek to Everest Base Camp, you will visit many shrines and monasteries. You can give some amount of money for the donations. If you want to give donations then it depends upon you, it is not compulsory to give donations. Also, not only for shrines and monasteries there are many old schools where it is very necessary for the maintenance of schools.

General Tips

  • No ATM facility at higher altitude. So it is better to carry an extra amount of money with you
  • You might need chocolate bars, potato chips, and so on while walking in the trekking trails. It is better to carry from a lower region because it costs very high in higher altitude
  • The emergency toolbox is very necessary while hiking in the higher region
  • Make sure to carry a water purifier with you to avoid different illnesses.

Cost for the Helicopter

Hiking for 6,7 days makes you tired a lot so that it might be difficult for tourists to walk while returning. In such a case, you can choose the Helicopter tour for returning to Kathmandu from Gorekshep. On average, you need to pay $3800 for the Helicopter tour from Gorakshep to Kathmandu. You can stay connected with us for Helicopter from Everest Base Camp.


Trekking in Everest Base Camp is not so difficult as you except. It is quite easy and affordable because of enough trekking infrastructures. Due to enough trekking infrastructures, trekking trails are made so easy for hiking observing the awesome view of mountain vistas.

In this article, we present an overall cost including all factors for Everest Base Camp. Hope that this article will be effective for those who are searching for the cost to trek Everest Base Camp.

If you have any queries regarding Everest Base Camp then feel free to contact us!

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