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For the sake of best trekking then guides are very necessary. Our charming guides are highly knowledgeable for trek leadership even to make your trekking amazing. Beyond that, they can communicate in English, Hindi, French and many more, they are Nepal government license holder Guides.

Out of 100 trekkers, 99% of trekkers hire guides. The guides are very essential since they can help you reach out the right route and many possible ways depending on the conditions of weather, even your trekking becomes riskless. only 1% trekkers do not hire guides so it may be a risk. Many new trekkers do not know how to do trekking and have no practical ideas, as a result, their journey could be difficult. So, guides are very fundamental to make the trekking very easier. We have qualified and experienced guides who can easily help you to reach your destination.

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If you hire a guide, then you have to pay around $30 USD to $35 USD per day for the Annapurna Region Treks. This charge includes accommodation, food, and insurance. Be sure that Guides do not carry your bags or luggage.

Only potters carry your luggage or bags and they charge per day $25 to $30 USD. They carry 20-25 kg while hiking and they help to carry your bags or luggage in your respective destination on prescribed time. A strong potter can carry two trekker’s bags.