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Mardi Himal Trek Weather

Complete guide to Mardi Himal Trek Weather, Temperature for 2020

When you’re making up your mind for Mardi, be sure to collect as much information as you can on the Mardi Himal Trek weather and temperature. The overall temperature of Mardi Himal Trek is 15 degrees and it might move -3 degree.  The Autumn time is very relevant for hiking into Mardi Himal. Yet Summer and Winter are not good times for hiking by the way.  Also, the summer is not worth enough for getting with a trekking program unless you are adventurous, the rain falls in the summer makes the route very dusty and muddy.

While in the winter  (December to February ) snowfalls very badly on the trek trail so it might create problems

When to trek Mardi Himal?

The Autumn( September & November ) and Spring (March-May)  are the best timings for hiking to this camp.  The weather becomes very moderate and the trek will be wonderful.

Mardi Himal Trek Weather at High Camp, Lower Camp, and Forest Camp

The Weather condition at Lower base camp

The lower Mardi Himal elevates at 2990 meters from the sea level. However, overall even minimum heat occurs 21 degrees and becomes – 2   degrees in the wintertime.

Mardi lower Base camp lies at the elevation of 2,990 meters. The average maximum and minimum temperatures of Mardi Lower Base Camp are 21-degree centigrade and – 2-degree centigrade respectively. So, it is worth to have relevant clothing.

Usually, flowers bloom in the month of March and May so the trek will be much better during these months. While in summer, even in the winter trek will not be best. Mostly, rain falls a lot in the summer and makes the route very muddy and slippery whereas in the winter cold time brings uneasiness also snowfall.

Mardi High Camp Weather

This is the main camp for trekkers which lies to 3580 meters from the sea level. Overall, the temperature that takes place at 17 degrees and goes to -2 degree at night.  The Autumn which includes: September, October, November for this high camp even March and May months are the best times. The sky remains very clear and clean so, you will see the amazing views of the peak and mountains.

Hiking in the months of December, January even February could be amazing but the coldness will be the main problems though the weather remains. It is good to know about the weather before hiking.

The real monsoon begins in the month of May and June and the temperature becomes very hot and rail falls begin, farmers who do farming during this time. Due to the huge rainfalls, the trek route very muddy and uneasy.  Yet, if you wish to do the trek then you could have an amazing time for hiking. Mid-September is the best time to hike Mardi Himal.

The Weather of forest Camp

The altitude of this camp is 2550 meters from the sea level. So, temperature moves up to 35 degrees and falls to 10 degrees, which means it is neither hot nor cold and remains a moderate and a good time for trekking.

Finally, Autumn seasons are perfect for trekking to Mardi Himal for the shake of best weather and climate. However, we are not suggesting to trek in winter and rainfall. Because of the weather, muddy and dusty roads, it is not worth hiking.

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