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Mustang Weather and Trekking Difficulty

Mustang Trek Weather and Difficulty

Hiking in this region is very important, but a trekker should know about the Mustang weather and trek Difficulty. Mustang covers two parts: Chishmy Upper Mustang which is popular for adventure hiking and dating app de lloseta Lower Mustang which is popular for its natural beauty.

The winter and summer times are not worth having a trek. The heavy snowfalls while in the winter whereas in the summer the rain falls begins very much so the trek route will be good for taking a walk. When it comes to the temperature falls to 16 c to 22 degrees in the day time but at night it falls to -6 to -2c.

Mustang Weather in Different Season

Mustang Weather in Spring(April-May) Season

http://ourblackweb.com/qna/ Upper Mustang weather in Spring

Hiking in spring will be very grating ever, in this region since the temperature falls into 16c -22 c in the day time whereas it becomes -6c even -2 c  at night time. You could see the amazing views because the weather becomes very clear even dry.

In addition, you might get a chance to see wild animals like snow leopard, donkeys, and musk deer. But, this season brings clear weather so you could enjoy seeing the beautiful landscapes. In addition, the Tiji festival takes in this season. Trek will be more exciting.

buy modafinil provigil uk Lower Mustang in Spring Season

The temperature falls into 18.5 – 20 c.  overall and humidity rise to 46.2%  so you will enjoy the most.  But, the temperature moves to the negative at night. Nevertheless,  in the month of March or by April the temperature becomes normal. Your hiking will be an amazing experience.

Mustang weather in Monsoon Season

Upper Mustang in June to September

There will not be rain in Upper Mustang since it lies in rain -the shadow of the Annapurna region so, this time can be worth for hikers. The temperature ranges from 13 C – 20 C in the day time however,  at night it moves down to -3 c or 0 c. While in the absence of rainfalls,  your trek will be so exciting ever and the temperature remains warm and relevant. Locals who perform horse riding talents along with Archery. Additionally,  they show classic dances even songs.

Lower Mustang in Monsoon Season

When it comes to lower mustang, due to the huge rainfall the trail becomes very muddy and slippery though it heats to 32.6 C in the day time and falls into 21.8c. Yet you could have a wonderful trek with monsoon trek gears. Though, you wet and face slippery route the trek will be praiseworthy. Once you have,  trek gears you will not face any problems. Noticeably, you could enjoy the views of glorious rivers, peaks, waterfalls even local vegetation. Farmers get busy during this time for farming the potatoes, wheat, and barley.

Mustang weather in Autumn ( October and November)

Upper Mustang in Autumn Season

This is the perfect timing for many hikers, the temperature even weather favor a lot for trekkers. Usually, the temperature falls into 12c -20 c in the day time and goes to – 8 to -4 c at night time. Also, the weather becomes very clear. You will have an amazing time of trek without a doubt.  This time offers you clear visibility even shinning sky though the wind blows within the valley.

Lower Mustang in Autumn Season

Generally, the trek route becomes very busy and crowded, since this time is mainly for hikers and overall temperate falls to 8 c in the day timing.  Sometimes, you may not find good accommodation or food because of huge trekkers. The night time temperature a little colder. Booking hotels and air-tickets are very important in advance.

Mustang weather in Winter (December, January, and February) Season

Upper Mustang in Winter

Because of extreme cold, the Upper Mustang becomes very freezing and uneasy for hikers. The temperature falls from nearly 0 to 5 c in the day and at night -25 to 20 c. People of Upper mustang move down in the winter. So, the trek will not be good at this time. Winter trek displays stunning views of snowy peaks/mountains, frozen lakes in Upper mustang. But, there would be few trekkers during this time. Locals move down due to the huge cold for the time being.

Lower Mustang in Winter

Overall,  sow falls or rains nearly to 1-4 times each month, and the temperate hits between 23.9c and 19.1c Yet, there is a very low chance of getting rain during this time. You could enjoy in Jomsom. The lower mustang becomes cooler yet you could do a trek but you need to use very relevant winter trek gears.

Mustang Trek Difficulty

The factor that increases Mustang trek Difficulty are listed below:

Altitude sickness ( AMS)

The Upper Mustang trek stays at 3900 meters from the sea level.  So, trekkers might face this problem if they are not used to hiking on a higher level. If you are strong then you will hardly face this problem, yet you could use the Diamox pill for healing altitude sickness.

Physical Soundness

While hiking to Upper mustang then you need to hire a guide. An experienced guide could help you well even in the emergency conditions also for the security.  Guidance becomes very important. As a whole, your trek becomes less difficult.

If you have a breathing problem then your trek might be uneasy and your trip becomes difficult.  It is good to get ideas about the weather before hiking. If you do have a heart/lung or blood pressure or diseases then you have to take counseling with the doctor before hiking.

Food and Accommodation

Upper Mustang is a very remote area of Nepal so taking food in this place is very hard, therefore, you need to pay more amount of money. When it comes to the shelter,  you could get a wide variety of guest houses so it depends on your budget plans.


There are many kinds of transportation like Jeep, tourist buses, and flights. If you wish to save your time then taking a flight will be better. But, sometimes you may face flight delayed.

Tips for Mustang Weather and Trek Difficulty

  • Take a gradual walk or rest sometimes
  • Use proper trekking gears and clothes depending on the seasons
  • The strong wind blows in the entire Upper Mustang trail. Thus,  take a windproof gear.
  • It is better to make more days of planning or extra days so that you might not miss visiting some villages in the monsoon.
  • Pre-book  hotels and flights in peak times
  • Staying  hydrated is very important  and carry water bottles
  • Get ideas of about  AMS

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