Best time for  Trekking in Nepal

Spring and Autumn Seasons
The weather stays very clear and loving.

January to February
Usually, winter begins the mid-January, so the climate becomes cold and the snow falls which leads to cold or freezing.

March to April
This is the perfect time for Langtang Valley Trek, the weather remains very pleasant as a result, you could see the views of Langtang II even
Langtang Lirung.

May to June
Even these two months are very good for hiking. The weather becomes very clear and good.

July to August
The rainfall begins in these months, probably it is no worth for trekking. Even the road becomes very muddy and difficult.

September to October
The Autumn season starts in mid-September to mid- November. It would be very good to decide for Langtang Valley Trek.

November to December
Pre-winter begins in the mid- November and the weather stays very changeable and it is very complicated for trekking to Langtang