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Before traveling to any country you must know about their visa policy. Nepal is easy for traveling around in. To know Nepal visa information, check out this visa guide.

Visitors can receive visas easily at an international airport in Kathmandu Nepal. You need to have a passport and passport size photos along with visa fees. The validation of a passport must be 6 months.

Customs Regulations

  • All items of baggage are X-rayed while arriving and departing (no drugs)
  • No need to bring Nepali rupees
  • You could either bring cash or traveler cheque
  • Your traveler cheques should need to have an excess of US$2000


The concern of customs is to prevent the export of antique arts. Nepal has been a victim of international art theft for 20 years. You need to get permission from the department of the archaeology department.


Touring visas are 15/30/90 days. You could fill in the form or online form beforehand.

Nepali Visas

Except for Indians, all foreigners must a visa. Nepali embassies and consulates issue Visas or you could issue your visa either in Kathmandu airport, or road border at Nepalgang, Birganj, Karkarhitta, Dhangadhi, Mahendranagar, and checkpoint of China/Tibetan border.

The Nepali Visa validation is for three to six months. Children who are under need to have visas but there is no charge for them. You must fill in an application form at automatic registration with a digital photo. It is smart to save your time. You will have to do this before 15 days.

SAARC countries receive a 30-day visa for free. But Indians do not visa. A multiple-entry visa is very useful if you are deciding to have a side visit to Tibet, India, and Bhutan. If you wish you change your single-entry into a multiple-entry visa which costs you USD $20. You need not worry overstay. You would have to pay the US $3 per day at the airport. It is wise to keep several passport size photos with your passport. It is very handy and easy for trekking permits even for visa applications.

Visa Extensions

The extensions of visas are available from the immigration offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara which costs you US$30. for 15 days since then, you have to US 2 per day. Every visa extension requires an original passport, fees, one photo, an application form must fill in. You can get ideas or visa information on the websites of the Department of Immigration.