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When it comes to regaling clients and his company with high professionalism in the field of adventure travel operation, Sajjan Simkhada is a bundle of energy. As a result of his upbringing in the hilly region of Gorkha, one of Nepal’s heavenly places, and the fact that Nepal is a mountainous country, his interests and passions are linked to nature.

When he earned his bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) in 2013 and began working in travel and trekking cooperation at various departments, his hobby of traveling and trekking turned out to be a blessing in his career. Then, in 2015, he received a master’ Degree in Nepalese History, Culture, and Archaeology from Tribhuwan University. He also finished his second master’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management (MTTM). He has been involved in Annapurna Mountain Treks (p) ltd. as a founder and managing director, as well as in managerial activity, for over 5 years. Aside from his business activities, Sajjan Simkhada is a part-time lecturer of travel and tourism in some of Nepal’s prestigious colleges, which has led him to a thorough study of tourism needs and overall safety. As a self-made professional in the Nepalese tourism industry, he has practical knowledge and experience guiding trekkers and handling every tour with the government certified Travel and Trek guide license.

His exceptional interpersonal communication skills and foresight have made him more responsible and dedicated to his duties and responsibilities. His charismatic problem-solving approach and self-motivation have aided him in establishing himself as a successful individual. He is adamant that his primary responsibility is to make his client happy and content.