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Always Recommend Annapurna Mountain TreksAlways Recommend Annapurna Mountain Treks

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Visited December 2019

Get the facts I have been trekking in Nepal for many, many years, and have done most of the major treks, some even twice. On almost all of them, Jhalak was my lead guide from Annapurna Mountain Treks. What can I say about him? You will not find a better person to guide you. He is extremely knowledgeable about the treks, he is very personable and fun and speaks very good English. It is like having your big brother with you, feeling very, very safe, and protected. Jhalak is very respected in the trekking community and he is much liked by the porters and other sherpas. He treats everybody with the utmost respect, is fair, and very concerned about the guest and staff safety. I totally trust his decisions in every situation.
Jhalak is a family man, respected Brahmin in his village who works hard to provide education for his children and maintain a good home.
I have always asked for Jhalak to be my guide and was very happy to see his smiling face greet me in Kathmandu on the arrival. I am very happy I met this exceptional human being.
I would highly recommend Annapurna Mountain Treks for all your trekking needs. You will have excellent trekking experiences with AMT.

Incredible Trek with Great GuidesIncredible Trek with Great Guides

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Visited July 2015
I went to Nepal last year and spent two weeks hiking to the base of Anapurna I with these guides. Each and every guide was incredibly helpful, patient and told many interesting stories along the way. I learned many things about Nepal and the Himalayan mountains. It was such an enjoyable experience and I would definitely go with the same group again!
Chisapani Nagarkot and ABC wit AMTChisapani Nagarkot and ABC wit AMT

Chispani Nagarkot and ABC

Visited November 2015
From Annapurna Mountain Treks The “Best guide I´ve ever meet in Nepal. I did Chisapani Nagarkot trek with Sanjib 2015. I will definitely talk to him next time when I go to Nepal again for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Very professional, with a great knowledge of the traditions and cultural heritage of the country and easy conversation that makes the trek a pleasure not only for the body but for the mind and spirit too.”I am going to booking now for the next trip.
Everest Base Camp Trek with AMTEverest Base Camp Trek with AMT

Everest Base Camp

Visited October 2017

In October 2017 I did the Everest Base Camp Trek with Trekking Hero. I started out flying into Kathmandu and met with David in the hotel. David and Raine Gorter were both very helpful in preparing for the trek. The hotel staff was also very helpful. I was the oldest trekker at 63 years old. My trek leader Jhalak was outstanding. He was very supportive and very experienced (over 20 years) in trekking in the area. He became a good friend of mine. The trek was tough but he always had a very positive, supportive attitude towards me and the other 10 trekkers. I would highly recommend Annapurna Mountain Treks and request Jhalak as the group leader!

Manaslu Circuit wit Annapurna Mountain TreksManaslu Circuit wit Annapurna Mountain Treks

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Visited December 2019

I recently completed the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Annapurna Mountain Treks company and I was so pleased with the experience I had during the trek.I contacted Mr.Sanjib via email for the information about the trek and he provided me with all the details within a short period of time.

Our guide for the trek was Jhalak who was very friendly and so professional in his work. He led us to our journey with much more entertainment on the way. Potters were also amazing. They helped me a lot during the trek. I got to know them better during the journey with funny interactions with each other. Everything was perfectly managed by the GK company.

I had the best accommodation and transportation service. The most beautiful moment of the trek was reaching the destination after so many struggles and fun during the journey and it was worth everything. The most breathtaking moment was the view of the moment was a glorious mountain and its beautiful surroundings. It was really an amazing trek with amazing people working in this field. I really enjoyed a lot and will soon visit again and recommend this company a lot.

Annapurna Circuit TrekAnnapurna Circuit Trek

In April I did the Annapurna circuit, a 15-day trek with Sajjan as my guide. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I’d happily return to Nepal and trek with Sajjan again! As a guide, he’s knowledgeable, extraordinarily polite and respectful, and very pleasant to be around. We trekked with a group of two other people with myself. Sajjan was always checking in on us during the trek making sure we were doing alright, modifying the pace if necessary, keeping an eye on our blood oxygen when we were up at altitude. I couldn’t say enough about him as a guide, he takes care of everything with humility and grace that would surely set an example to service standards at home. In short, I highly recommend Sajjan, I had the best time and I couldn’t thank him enough for everything he did to make it all possible. I really hope to be back in Nepal and meet him again in the future!