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I have been trekking in Nepal for many, many years and have done most of the major treks, some even twice. Annapurna Mountain Treks is a company I always use to book trekking in Nepal. On almost all of them, Jhalak was my lead guide. What can I say about him? You will not find a better person to guide you. He is extremely knowledgeable about the treks, he is very personable and fun and speaks very good English. It is like having your big brother with you, feeling very, very safe and protected. Jhalak is very respected in the trekking community and he is much liked by the porters and other Sherpas. He treats everybody with the utmost respect, is fair, and is very concerned about the guest and staff’s safety. I totally trust his decisions in every situation.

Jhalak is a family man, a respected Brahmin in his village who works hard to provide education for his children and maintain a good home.
I have always asked for Jhalak to be my guide and was very happy to see his smiling face greet me in Kathmandu on my arrival. I am very happy I met this exceptional human being.

I would highly recommend Annapurna Mountain Treks for all your trekking needs. You will have excellent trekking experiences with AMT.

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