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When traveling or trekking you may come across the accidents or problems. You need to have traveling or trekking insurance.

Why travel insurance?

Insurance is most essential when traveling one place to another. It helps to cover your billing in case if you get sick, accidents, loss of your bags or luggage even missing flights. So, your expenses could be higher than your expectations.

To balance your travel budget, it is very worthy to have Travel insurance so you might travel happily and safely. Traveling insurance covers your Trip Cancellation, Travel Medical Insurance, Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance, Baggage coverage, Accidental death, flight accident insurance, theft of your document and money.

For the British citizens

BMC (British Mountaineering Council)

BMC covers a variety of insurance for hikers, travelers, climbers, mountaineers including skiers. It is only for the residents of the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Our recommendation goes to BMC.

For the Canadians

World Nomads

It covers your traveling insurance and hopes a smart and safe traveling. World Nomads can easily cover up to 6000
meter higher. It is our privileges to recommend you World Nomads.

  • 24 hours service
  • Helicopter evacuation
  • Covers a natural disaster like earthquakes, avalanches,
  • rock-fall, and calamities.
  • Accidents and Sickness.

For New Zealanders and Australians

1Cover Travel Insurance

It is online travel insurance, which provides over 1.5 million customers in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Unlimited medical and emergency coverage
  • Covers for cancellation fees and unexpected incident.
  • Includes ambulance fees, evacuations, funeral arrangements

For the South-Africa and Europeans

Europ Assistance

  • It has the providence of roadside help, medical insurance and concierge service.
  • Health care for 24 hours anywhere in the world.
  • Assurance of protection for accidents, medical expenses, and lost baggage.