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Trekking in Nepal | Nepal Trekking Packages

Everest trekking in Nepal

Trek has been very popular since the starting of time, many hikers get options of trekking in a wide variety of destinations once they come to Nepal. Travelers can find many best destinations like Everest, Annapurna, Kanchenjunga while trekking in Nepal.

Nepal has a lot of iconic trek destinations and many hikers have attracted since the 1960s. Col Jimmy who first started the first commercial trek. Some doing a few days of trekking whereas others go for a month trek.

Everest and Annapurna regions are very famous for hiking and the best choices for trekkers. The lowest point of trekking in Nepal is 59m from the sea level and while the highest point is Everest trek 8848 m above sea level.

For instance, there are many best destinations while trekking in Nepal so trek to Nepal is very adventurous, the following places have higher recommendations.

Top-rated Trekking destinations in Nepal

There are many trekking destinations in Nepal so it depends on you which route you want to explore. Every region has its unique features like nature, people, and culture. Among them, Everest and Annapurna are rated as the best trekking destination in the world.

  • Everest Base Camp
  • Annapurna Round
  • Chisapani- Nagarkot
  • Ghandruk
  • Dhampus Village
  • Rara Lake
  • Langtang Valley
  • Manaslu
  • Upper Mustang
  • Upper Dolpo
  • Kanchenjunga
  • Gokyo Valley
  • Makalu Base Camp
  • Nar Phu Valley
  • Ghorepani Poon Hill
  • Panchase Danda
  • Mardi Himal

What is trekking?

Trekking is multi-day hiking in the mountains. It is all about a long walk from one place to another with amazing views of the Himalayas.

How long packages are available in the trekking?

It is up to the destinations. There are a few days or long days, for example, begins from 5 to 10 even 20 days of packages for trekking in Nepal.

What to see while hiking?

Most trekkers could see the views of stunning mountains, evergreen trees, villages, rhododendron forests, vegetable paddies, wide pastures, landscapes, snowfields, and spectacular views of hills. It is up to the route of your trek.

When is the best time for Trekking in Nepal?

The weather is very changeable. Mostly, two seasons are very best for trekking in this country. Spring: March to May Autumn: September and November.

The Monsoon is very rainy, so it is not possible for hiking, and the trail becomes very muddy and even the fall of water makes the day terrible.

Wintertime is also popular, but the weather remains to be freezing and snowfalls sometimes block the trials or become very slippery.

Update of Trekking after the 2015 Earthquake 

It is normal now, some Lodges and areas collapsed but the vast majority have restored their houses even guest houses. So, hiking is possible.


In Himalayan region has six distinct and different vegetation which ranges from Tropical, Sub-tropical, Lower Temperate, Upper Temperate, Sup-alpine, and Alpine.


Higher altitudes are home for Snow Leopard, Musk deer, Himalayan Thar, and other species.

People and culture

Gurung, Magar, Brahmins, Newars, Rai, Limbu, Tamang, Chettris live in the Mid- hills of Nepal. Each of these people has a distinct religion, language, arts, food, music, and dance. In the mountains, mostly Sherpa lives with their classic culture.

Planning your trek to Nepal

At first, you need to have permission before hiking to your best places. You can have solo trekking or group. The fee of the trek is depending on the routes that you would like to take.

We Joyful have a lot of trekking packages with long and short trip plans. In our service, you will get access to trekking permits, porters, guides, and porters.

Hiring Guides

99% of trekkers who hire experienced guides. There are many benefits of hiring guides.

  • Safety and Security
  • English communication
  • Trained guides
  • Province of good information
  • Route guides

Travel insurance

Trekking to demands well preparation since when hiking you may face natural disasters or accidents. Sometimes, unexpected sickness occurs. So, insurance is compulsory.

Your insurance policy must cover helicopter rescue, medical bills, evacuation for trekkers from the high elevation. After booking the trek, you could forward your travel insurance with us. In case of an emergency, we can forward your documents to your travel insurance company.

Nepal Trekking Packages

Some popular trekking packages of Nepal are:

Everest Base Camp Trek

This is the world’s highest trek ever. This is the land of Sherpa.  The Everest trek begins from Lukla from Kathmandu city.

All hikers have to go through bypassing three routes Kongma La (5535m), Cho La (5380m), and Renjo la (5388m) and then visit the Everest Base camp. The duration of a trek depends on your route and even on your hiking speed.

The instance of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a short trek where you can experience an amazing walk through the diverse landscape and can observe unique culture, tradition, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is an easy and shorter trek in Annapurna but in fact the most popular trek in Annapurna. This region is visited every year by two-third of all trekkers. Annapurna base camp trekking provides a wonderful chance for the trekkers to view the beautiful scenario of Annapurna I, the 10th highest peak in the world. You can find many best trek in Annapurna to see the sunset, sunrise, and massif mountain ranges.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley (5,000m/16,347ft) is the Himalayas of Nepal in the north of Kathmandu valley along with Tibet border. There are sub-Himalayas of Langtang Himal. Langtang Ri (6370m) and Langtang Lirung (7245m).

Langtang valley trek begins through Langtang National Park offers a wide range of climatic zones starting from subtropical to alpine. This park covers 25% of the forest.

 Kanchenjunga base camp Trek

It is the third-highest mountain ever, (8586m). Trek begins from high alpine and Yalung Base Camp (4500m) then to Taplejung. You could get a chance of exploring Yalung Ri Base Camp, Everest, Makalu, and Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Annapurna Mountain Treks adores you all with a grateful heart as we have composed the most practical and realistic itinerary for the Annapurna Base Trek as well as others and we have the itinerary of 7 -12-14 days of packages. Furthermore, we welcome you even the Shining Mountains of the Himalayas waiting for you early.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Trek to Nar Phu Valley begins from Jajat just after a long drive from Kathmandu city. It takes around 5 days to reach Pu Villages whereas it may take 8 days to be in Nar Village or sometimes it depends on the itinerary. The lives style of these villages very different moreover they have Tibetan cultural practices.  Their practice of faith is Buddhism as you could see a lot of mani walls in this place. Most homes made of mud and stones.

Trekkers will come across the amazing land formations, iconic topography, and the Rocky Mountains. In addition, there is a monastery Tashi Lakhang Gommpa where many people come for receiving the blessing. Villager of Nar and Phu do farming for survival in the little fertile land. The shape of this village differs from other villages. All hikers will cross the most hypnotic place Kang Las Pass which is 5322m from the sea level. All the hikers will go through Manang Village which is famous for a few populations and doorway many trekking routes.

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