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Ama Yangri Trek

Geographically, Ama Yangri Trek is Nepal-based lies in Southern Asia very closer to Melamchi Bazar, Sindhupalchok. The altitude of Ama Yangri is 3771 m  from sea level. This is a perfect place where many trekkers come to see the mind-blowing sunrise from the top of high hills and mountains. As a result, you’ll be happier than you ever thought possible.

Ama Yangri Trek route, a lesser-known but still amazing trekking destination in the Helambu area is one of the many natural gifts of Nepal that lays in the Langtang region. Trekkers will be able to appreciate nature’s true splendor after they’ve been exposed to it. Because experience is more powerful than words. In terms of mountain views, the Ama Yangri peak is comparable to the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek.

Highlights of Ama Yangri Trek

  • The Shortest Trek Route Ever
  • Low Budget Trekking
  • Reflation of Tamang and Sherpa Culture
  • Trees of Rhododendrons and Oaks.
  • Service of Dal, Bhat, and Tarkarli (Typical Nepali Food)
  • Suspension Bridges and Many Perennial Rivers.
  • View of Charming Sunset and Sunrise

Ama Yangri Trek offers you a rejuvenating experience, as a result, you feel energetic for heading up. Besides, hikers could see the charming light of sunrise and sun-setting. This trek is popular to see the sunrise above the mountain range which is fabulous.

Ama Yangri peak is a beautiful and attractive peak in as a result many hikers feel very exciting and happier during the hike. In addition, you can come across enchanting waterfalls and rhododendron trees, rivers, and other botanical treasuries. These scenes make hiking very exciting.

Excitingly, Ama Yangri trekking begins from Timbu after 4 hours drive from Kathmandu.  During the road ride, you could see a wide variety of botanical trees, high hills, and rivers. We will stay overnight at Timbu village.

Tarke Ghyang (2600 m) is the next place to reach out after Timbu, by the way, this is the main entrance to Ama Yangri Peak. It takes around approximately 5 hours to reach Tarkeghyang from Timbu. Tarkeghyang is the settlement of Tamang village. You will get a chance to learn about Tamang culture and lifestyle.

To reach Ama Yangri peak, you have to hike from the Tarke Ghyang village of the Helambu region. Tarke Ghyang is easily accessible by motorable roads or can also be reached via hiking.  Tarke Ghyang can be reached by hiking from Timbu.

Tarkeghyang is located in a stunning location, just below the Ama Yangri peak. You can easily find a lodge for accommodation. Tarkeghyang is a great place to stay for the night. Ama Yangri peak is about 3-4 hours walking distance from Tarkeghyang.

The hiking route passes through dense rhododendron forest to the upper Himalayan areas with views of the botanical tress. You can then take a dip in the natural surroundings and return back to Tarke Ghyang for accommodation. The next day, you can travel to Timbu or Kathmandu depend on your choice. For the day-to-day Ama Yangri trek itinerary please visit our itinerary section.

Permission Requirement for Ama Yangri Trek

You have to go through two permits while hiking for Ama Yangri Trekking.

1.Langtang National Park Permit (LNTP)

Trekkers need to have Langtang National Park permit to enter the national park area in Langtang. The LNPP nearly charges nearly 30 USD including VAT.

2.Trekkers Information Management (TIMS)

TIMS is very essential for international trekkers. TIMS maintains a record of each trekker by registration. It helps to find out missing trekkers. So; the charge is 30 USD.

3. Shivapuri National Park Permit(SNPP)

The SNPP nearly charges nearly 15 USD including VAT. When it comes to SAARC nationalities 5 USD for the entrance. If you wish you can do it in Kathmandu either in Pokhara for Poon Hill trek permission.

When is the best time to do Ama Yangri Trek?

There are no bad months for trekking in Ama Yangri, but if you want to see glorious mountains and nature covered with greenery and spices, you have to avoid the summer. In addition, landslides can occur, resulting in muddy trails and insect bites. Trekking may be done in the summer if you’re adventurous. In order to have the finest trek to Yama Yangri, the best time to go is the autumn season. When the weather is reasonably clear and dry, allowing you to glimpse the blue sky. During this period, Ama Yangri Peak weather and temperatures are usually moderate.

Ama Yangri Trekking difficulty

Altitude variation, weather and temperature, and total walking distance are the major factors that increase trekking trails difficulty. The Ama Yangri trek is moderately difficult. As the route is almost vertical, hike to the upper portion is quite difficult. The trail can also become slippery when it rains. The route is otherwise enjoyable.

01Kathmandu to Timbu (Drive) 1580 m 4 hr
02Timbu to Tarke Ghyang2600 m 5 hr
03Hike to Ama Yangri Peak3771 m 6 hr
04Trek to Shermathang2621 m 5 hr
05Sermathang to Melamchi Bazaar 846 m 3-4 hr
06Melamchi to Kathmandu (Drive) 1400 m 3 hr

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Ama Yangri Trek