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Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley (5,000m/16,347ft) is in the Himalayas of Nepal in the north of Kathmandu valley along with the Tibet border. There are sub-Himalayas of Langtang Himal which are Langtang Ri (6370m) and Langtang Lirung (7245m).

 Highlights of Langtang Valley Trek 

  • Sensational views of Jugal Himal, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, and other range of peaks.
  • Scenic landscapes, paddy fields, and cooler alpine zone.
  • Amazing displays of magnolia, rhododendron, firs, oaks, pines, and bamboo trees.
  • Beautiful Langtang National Park
  • Red Panda Habitation
  • Traditional Tamang Villages
  • Glorious views of Langtang valley

The Langtang valley trek begins through Langtang National Park offers a wide range of climatic zones starting from subtropical to alpine. This park covers 25% of the forest. The green tress includes the deciduous oak along with maple, evergreen pine, different rhododendron.

Animal’s lives include Himalayan Tahr, red pandas, Himalayan black bear, Rhesus monkey, and Yeti sightings.

All hikers could view Dorge Lakpa (6990m), Langtang Ri (6370m) and Langtang Lirung (7245m).

Trek to Langtang Himal follows through Langtang National Park which shows pristine countryside, fauna, flora, yak pastures, and homemade cheese.

Most people depend on timber and firewood for cooking and energy. Nearly 4500 people live in Langtang park and the majority of them are Tamang. Tomaz Humar (Slovenian mountaineer) was a solo climber for the south the face of Langtang Lirung on November 9, 2009. Hiking to Langtang Valley is a very pleasant trip ever and we start our trekking from the lower region by driving to Syabrubesi.

Langtang Valley Trek route passes through farmlands, tiny villages, verdant forests till Kayangjin Gompa.

In addition, we will hike to Tserko Ri for the sake of the best views of Langtang valley. This route used to be for trading in the past.

The devastating earthquake hit this valley in 2015 but now it is a very normal condition.

Annapurna Mountain Treks will help you out for the best trekking with an experienced guide.

Best time for Langtang Trek

Spring and autumn are considered as the best trekking time for Langtang Valley. In this season, the weather stays very clear and loving, as a result, glorious views of Langtang valley can be view.

 January to February

Usually, winter begins mid-January, so the climate becomes cold and the snow falls which leads to cold or freezing.

 March to April

This is the perfect time for Langtang Valley Trek, the weather remains very pleasant as a result, you could see the views of Langtang II even Langtang Lirung.

 May to June

Even these two months are very good for hiking. The weather becomes very clear and good.

 July to August

The rainfall begins in these months, probably it is no worth for trekking. Even the road becomes very muddy and difficult.

 September to October

The Autumn season starts in mid-September to mid- November. It would be very good to decide for Langtang Valley Trek.

November to December

Pre-winter begins in the mid- November and the weather stays very changeable and it is very complicated for trekking to Langtang valley.

Permission requirement for Langtang Valley Trek

 Trekkers Information Management (TIMS)

This card maintains permission for trekking to Langtang Valley. You will have to show this at different places for checking. Apart from this, it helps to find out lost trekkers even in an emergency and bad weather. It is compulsory for international trekkers. TIMS maintains a record of each trekker by the registration. It helps to find out missing trekkers. So; the charge is 30 USD. Register for safety and security.

Langtang National Park entry permit fee (LNP)

You need to carry a national park entry permit to hike in the Langtang region. For the entrance of this park, it costs you $30. You could either do it in Kathmandu or in Dhunche for permission.

Necessary documents for permission

Do not forget to carry your original passport and Photos.

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Langtang Valley Trek