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Tiji Festival Trek

The holy and victorious festival, Tiji Festival Trek that occurs in  Lo-manthang (Upper Mustang) which is closer to Jomsom. If you are planning for Tiji Upper Mustang Trek for 2020, then this would be a glorious chance to move into this mysterious place.

 Highlights of Tiji Festival Upper Mustang trek

  •  Sights of Stunning mountain landscapes and hundreds of mysterious caves.
  •   Exploration of a last forbidden kingdom of Mustang.
  •   Touring of the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang.
  •   Privilege of Celebrating Tiji Festival.
  •   Beautiful views of Sunrise and sun-setting 
  •   The world deepest valley.
  •   Influence of Tibetan
  •   Sacred traditional dance with the colorful dress during the festival
  •   View of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Blue mountain and Annapurna
  •   Highest Buddhist Kingdom
  •   Tibetan lifestyle  
  •   Amazing Trail
  •   A glace of Muktinath Temple
  •  Apple farmland 
  •  Views of Dhaulagiri, Lamgung Himal, Annapurna II, IV and   Tukuche peak.
  •  Old Monasteries

The Overview of Tiji Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang (3840m) has based on the far northern part of Nepal in the Himalayan region. This place is unique in terms of religious practice and lifestyle. Your Upper Mustang trek for this festival 2020 begins from Kagbeni after a few hours of a walk from Jomsom.

Probably, trekker will enjoy the most though they would have to hike for hours and hours with resting in the iconic places besides these, all the hikers can view the deepest Kaligandaki gorge (river) as a result, you might have a thrilling experience.

Significantly, Tiji festival has a deeper meaning for the celebration. It is an annual festival, and this Tiji word had derived from Tempa chhirim which means praying for the world peace. This celebration includes dance of monks with classic dresses for three days at Chhyoude Gumba in Lo-manthang.

The meaning of this the festival, it is the oldest mythological belief clears that it was the mark of victory over evil. There was a belief that the demon who brought huge trouble, destruction, spread disease and took the water. Dorge Jono had a fight and defeated this worse demon finally this victory ended up with Tiji festival in Lo-Manthang.

Padmasambhava who taught the major steps of sacred dance. This Dance includes the color full dress and beautiful steps. The royal family of Mustang takes part in this holy dancing with many rituals. This has been part of meditation as well. We can pronoun this word Tiji or Tenchi.

Upper Mustang, is a village with the Tibetan border. The last king ‘Jigme Dorge Palbar Bista’ who died in 2016 and his warrior Ame Pal, made the Buddhist kingdom in 1380. The language terms and culture is very similar to Tibet.

Finally, your hours of walk end in Kagbeni to Jomsom. If you are willing to go for Upper Tiji festival Mustang Trek, then let us know. Annapurna Mountain Treks can serve you with a systematic itinerary for this trekking. We have similar options like Mardi Himal trek and Poon Hill Trek.

When is the time to part take in Tiji Festival Trek 2022?

This festival is going to hail for 3 days with an amazing opening ceremony on 27 May 2022, 28 May 2022, and 29 May 2022 in Lo- Manthang. It would be a great privilege to observe each three-day celebration.

Getting There and Away

Starting location of Tiji Festival Upper Mustang Trek

Trekking begins from Kagbeni to Lo-Manthang. Hikers probably enjoy the amazing trial and naturals views. After landing to Jomsom from Pokhara then the journey starts. Kagbeni is a small village with some beautiful culture.

Ending location of Tiji Festival Upper Mustang Trek

Stopping place of hiking in Jomsom. All the hikers return to this place with excitement and take a rest and move around for a while. Finally, trekkers fly to Pokhara city.

Annapurna Mountain Treks welcomes all of you with a thankful heart as we have created a systematic and sensible schedule for the Tiji Festival Trek and we have 16 Days Tiji Festival Trek Itinerary. You can always customize this itinerary as per your preference. Moreover, we have a similar Dumji Festival trek package celebrated in the Everest Region.

“Holy, the victorious festival that occurs in  Lo-Manthang, Mustang”

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek Permit 

Restricted Area Entry Permit

This permit charges US$500 for each trekker which means per person $500 for Ten days and for the over days $50 per day.

Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit (ACAP)

Annapurna Conservation charges nearly 30 USD including VAT. And for the SAARC nationalities 5 USD for the entrance. If you wish you can do in Kathmandu either in Pokhara for Upper Mustang trek permission.

Accommodation, Food

Nepali Food and Accommodation

You need to have enough energy so taking 3 times of food is very important. You can have breakfast along with typical Nepali Dhal, Bhat, and Tarkari depending upon your choice of food.

If would like to have lunch, then you could enjoy having a Pizza (Italian), soup items such as Chicken soup or Mushroom, and noodles (Chinese). In addition, you can have vegetarian or non-vegetarian items during lunch hours. Even western and continental lunch items.

Resting stay at Tea house and while hiking up beside some guest house. In addition, you could experience different guest houses and tea houses living throughout your trek.

Tea, coffee, and water

You can have a preference for drinks, like Organic Green Tea, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, Coffee, and more. Hikers can rejoice by drinking natural water since your body becomes dry when walking a lot, so you need to drink plenty of water. You can have hot or cold water.

Some Relevant Tips for Tiji Trekking

  •  Having more energy is very important so you need to take over 3 times of food once you pay for only for Nepali set you can get 3 times of service.
  • Keep Nepali money enough since there are ATMs on this route.
  • Come with a few more days of planning, sometimes you may need extra days to acclimatize or to explore more.
  • Do not believe in the locals because bad people could be anywhere since not all Nepalese are honest and supportive.
  • If you are willing to save money, then you could rent expensive trekking gear and equipment.
  • Do not take pictures of people without permission.
  • It could take a long time to prepare food so order early.
  • Get proper ideas about Acute Mountain Sickness or Altitude sickness.

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Tiji Festival Trek