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Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley is in the northern part of the Manasulu region within Nepal and the remotest valley ever. Tsum Valley trek will make you feel very wonderful and memorable.

Tsum Valley Trek Highlights

  • Tibetan Buddhist Land
  • Majestic views of Sringi Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Boudha Himal.
  • Tibetan culture
  • Mysterious Valley
  • Manaslu region
  • Dense forest
  • Terraced fields
  • Views of glacial rivers
  • Ancient monastries:Dephyudonma Gompa, Rachen Gompa. Ma Gompa.
  • Adventure of Camping
  • Views of Landscapes

The elevation of this Tusm Valley is 3700m from the sea level. The word Tusm refers to the Local people of this valley or vibrant.  valley trek has opened since 2008.

Most people in this valley are Tibetans. They practice their own culture. Hiking to valley offers a wide range of views such as the Himal, Boudha Himal, and Ganesh Himal ranges.

This valley is a very spiritual place and Milarepa who meditated in Phu for salvation. And this holy valley hosted on the behalf of Guru Rimpoche during the 8th century.

Most trekkers who begin their journey by bus from Kathmandu, While on a trek, many could see glacial rivers, alpine forests, glacial rivers, and ethnic people.

Many know this as a hidden and mysterious valley. This place surrounded by flyers, Mani wheels even Charters.

Hikers could encounter the landscape, diversity of animals, and forests though it is a tiny valley.

Trek to valley flows through the village and this village displays with stone houses, slate roofs also’ Cave.

Annapurna Mountain Treks will help you out for hiking to Tsum valley.

When is the best time for hiking to Tsum Valley?

http://sculpsureinwestpalmbeach.com/wp-content/plugins/seo-watcher/ofc/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php Best Seasons: March to May and http://knetter-gek.net/het-is?replytocom=18 September and December

The 12 months are good for trekking. Even the summer is good for the Tsum Valley trek. Besides, sometimes landslide takes place, the route becomes very muddy also mosquitos can bite easily. If you are adventurous, then you can enjoy hiking even in Summer. If you are hoping for a perfect time for hiking to this valley, then Autumn is the best, relatively in this season weather becomes very clear and dry thus you can see blue sky. Because of a good time, there is a sharp growth of climbers. Usually, the temperature remains modest during this time.

click site Required permits and cost for Tsum Valley Trek

Permission costing for the Manaslu Trek area depends on the time that you spend.  There are three kinds of permits that you have to go through.

Manaslu Area Permit Fees ( gay rencontre bondage MCAP)

  • Manaslu trek permission costs USD 00for 7 seven days and for the additional day USD 10.00 (September to November)
  • It costs you USD 50for 7 days and for extra days only cost you 00 during the month of   December to August.
  • For the SAARC Nationals, only Rs 200per person.
  • For entrance to  Tsum Valley costs, USD costs 35 for a person for a week.

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) charges USD 30 and for SAARC Rs 200 per person, it depends on the time.

Accommodation and food during the trek

Nepali Food

You need to have enough energy so taking 3 times of food is very important. You can have breakfast along with typical Nepali Dhal, Bhat, and Tarkarli depending upon your choice of food.

 Tea and coffee

You can have a preference for drinks, like Organic Green Tea, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, Coffee, and more.


If you would like to have lunch, then you could enjoy having a Pizza (Italian), soup items such as Chicken soup or Mushroom and noodles (Chinese). In addition, you can have vegetarian or non-vegetarian items during lunch hours. Even western and continental lunch items.


Hikers can rejoice by drinking natural water since your body becomes dry when walking a lot, so you need to drink plenty of water. You can have hot or cold water.

 Tibetan food

Day-see, Tibetan dish with cook with unsalted butter finally mix with raisins, drama, dates, and nuts.

Khapsey, cookies,  that is deep-frying for celebrations as Tibetan new year and weddings.


However, it is not wise to drink alcohol because it makes a human body so dry. In fact, if you wish to take this then it is better to drink local alcohol on after finishing your trekking.


Most of the time, you will have to stay at Teahouse and while hiking up beside some guest house. In addition, you could experience different guesthouses and teahouses living throughout your trek.


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Tsum Valley Trek