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Upper Mustang Trek - 16 Days

The Upper Mustang Trek is very difficult to explain it yet mysterious and naturally gifted and many know as a hidden kingdom. This is in Nepal somewhere in the far north on the Himalayan region.

Highlights of Upper Mustang Trek Area

  • Mysterious Geography
  • Thousand Years Monasteries and Hundreds of Caves
  • Lo Manthang (The last forbidden kingdom)
  • Tibetan Lifestyles and classic culture
  • 3840 m higher from sea level
  • Exciting route and rocky trails
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Stunning view of landscapes, Nilgiri, Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri and other
  • The Deepest River Kaligandaki gorge
  • Muktinath Temple
  • Highest Buddhist Kingdom in the world.
  • 210 million years old Ammonite fossil
  • Production of fine apple wine
  • Sky Burial
  • Ancient trade route

Geographically, Upper Mustang is 3740 to 4000 meters from the sea level. It is a very remote village with Tibetan culture. All the hikers could see the eye-catching views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Nigiri, Annapurna, peak, and Araniko Chuli.

Upper Mustang has bounded with over 35 stunning mountains including vertical rock-strewn and amazing hundred years of caves. This is a very popular and treeless route ever you would have to hike.  Trekking experience could be unforgettable just because of mysterious views.

All the hikers go through the Highest Buddhist Kingdom and the deepest River Kaligandaki gorge. The real trekking begins from Jomsom to Kagbeni to Upper Mustang after 35 minutes of flight from Pokhara city.

Upper Mustang is not only a home but the world’s great human carved cliff caves so visiting this place could be yet another amazing experience. According to reference, killed ancient architects who used to live in these caves many centuries ago and built these just for protection.

Locals believe that caves are for worshipping and they regard as holy ones. Some monasteries established this place under holy guru Padma Shambhaba and Rimpoche.

Sometimes, trekkers could see the sky burial. It sounds strange; they cut a dead body into small pieces then feed to vulture so that dead ones might rest in heaven. This is a common practice among the Tibetan faith under holy monks.

It is an ancient route that connects Tibet even China. The Kaligandaki River flows through Upper Mustang. Muktinath Temple is also this route, where many worshipers come to receive the salvation from sins.

Ultimately, your memorable trekking ends in Jomsom. If you really wish to explore more than you are most welcome. We Annapurna Mountain Treks have made a perfect literary for Upper Mustang Trek and do visit our web. We even have similar options like Mardi Himal Trek and Poon Hill Trek.

Starting and Ending Location of Upper Mustang Trekking

http://siftstar.com/2006/06/10/intentions/ Starting location
After a few hours of a walk to Kagbeni, so our trekking begins from this place. After 35 minutes of flight to Jomsom, we would head to this place.

http://emaevents.co.uk/ema-events-in-2017/?unapproved=4847 Ending location

All of us end our trek at Jomsom where we would stay at night after hours of walking. You could still enjoy seeing the views of lovely mountains then we will fly to Pokhara city.

When is the best time to do Upper Mustang Trek?

The 12 months are good for trekking. Even the summer is good for Upper Mustang Trek. Besides, sometimes landslide takes place, the route becomes very muddy also mosquito can bite easily. If you are adventurous, then you can enjoy hiking even in Summer. If you are hoping for a perfect time for the sake of trekking to Upper Mustang trek, then Autumn is the best, relatively in this season weather becomes very clear and dry thus you can see blue sky. Because of a good time, there is a sharp growth of trekkers. Usually, the temperature remains modest during this time. So, you can make a plan.

Niederkrüchten The Best timing for Upper Mustang Trekking

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Summer/Monsoon (June to August)
  • Autumn (September to November)
  • Winter (December to February)

Tips for Upper Mustang Trek

  • Having more energy is very important so you need to take over 3 times of food once you pay for only for Nepali set you can get 3 times of service.
  • You have to keep Nepali money enough since there are ATMs on this route.
  • Come with a few more days of planning, sometimes you may need extra days to acclimatize or to explore more.
  • Do not believe in the locals because bad people could be anywhere since not all Nepalese are honest and supportive.
  • If you are willing to save money, then you could rent expensive trekking gear and equipment.
  • Do not take pictures of people without permission.
  • It could take a long time to prepare food so order early.
  • Get proper ideas about Acute Mountain Sickness or Altitude sickness.

Permission Requirement for Upper Mustang Trek

Trekkers have to go through two permits while hiking for Upper Mustang Trekking.

http://mattmcguire.ca/97485-buy-zyban-online.html Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit (ACAP)

Annapurna Conservation charges nearly 30 USD including VAT. And for the SAARC nationalities 5 USD for the entrance. If you wish you can do in Kathmandu either in Pokhara for Upper Mustang trek permission.

Trekkers Information Management (TIMS)
Compulsory for international trekkers. TIMS maintains a record of each trekker by the registration. It helps to find out missing trekkers. So; the charge is 30 USD. Register for safety and security.

Restricted Area Permit

You need to have a special permit/ restricted area permit to enter Upper Mustang.

Trekking Insurance

Planning to hike 3000-6000-8000 meters then you must have trekking insurance. You need to have such insurance which could solve the Acute Mountain Sickness, trekking accidents, illness, Stolen, Delayed, Lost Baggage or Damaged and travel insurance.

Out of the blue, sometimes we may face any of these accidents or problems so it is worthy to have World Nomads trekking insurance which includes the service of Tip cancellation, Emergency medical Insurance, emergency evacuation, repatriation and protecting your gears.

The major point is to save you from accidents or difficulties. For example, if your flight becomes delay then you face the financial default of your touring operator so it helps you to cover this worse problem.

Stolen or damages even baggage, it is very common nowadays for general travel insurance policy covers for flight delays and cancellations.

Sometimes, Snowfalls, AMS, accidents and other physical pain could occur so make sure that your insurance covers these problems.

Day 1
Arrival day at Kathmandu Airport 1400 m

Our Annapurna Mountain Treks, a charming staff will welcome with flower Malla at the exit door of the airport hall. Right after you head into a hotel by a private vehicle with the same staff. Meanwhile, you take a bath or have a rest and after some time our guide will share you the best plan for hiking to Upper Mustang in your free time. You will stay at the same hotel during the nighttime with sound dinner.

Day 2
Kathmandu city via Pokhara city 1400 m

Having finished the breakfast, we shall go to Pokhara either by bus or taking a flight takes 25 minutes whereas the bus takes us 7-8 hours. On the way, you could see remote villages, green forests, some waterfalls, and rivers. Just after reaching this city, in your free time, you could visit Fewa lake, David Falls, Mahendra, Cave, KI Singh Bridge, Binda, Bashini temple. The overnight would be in this place.

Day 3
Flying from Pokhara to Jomsom 2720 m

We shall fly for 25 minutes in order to reach Jomsom in the morning right after the healthy breakfast then you will have walk slightly out of this place. Jomsom is the headquarter of Mustang and beautiful place for many hikers and the Muktinath temple is closer to his place. There are hotel and cafes where we will stay.

Day 4
Jomsom to Kagbeni 2800 m

Trekkers hike to Kagbeni by encountering breezy climate, Kali Gandaki River, Ekley Bhatti Village. Kagbeni is in between two rivers. This place is naturally iconic and beautiful and there some apple farmland. It takes 3 hours of hiking and easy-going route.

Day 5
Kagbeni via Chele 3110 m

Today is the day, you are going to hike the most stunning place by just passing the sandy and breezy route. First, we will reach to Tangbe Village, this village is with crops field and then to Chusang. It is all about hours of walking and hiking and we will reach to Chele Village by just crossing the huge red mass of conglomerate. The views of Kali Gandaki makes your trekking everlasting. There is a small village. All of us, stay in this Chele.

Day 6
Chele to Syangboche 3800 m

You will move to Taklam la Pass by just passing flat terrain and slender stretches with natural views of Tilicho peak, Nilgiri. Yakawa kang even Damodar Danda.We will have to hike around 3-5 hours to reach Syangboche which is the final destination for today. The overnight would be in this location. There are some monasteries and small statement of people but you could enjoy the most important views.

Day 7
Syangboche to Tsarang 3560 m

Hikers hike to Tsarang by crossing the Yamada La pass and Ghemi where you could see the lot of Gumba or holy monasteries. There is a tiny village with local communities with the classic architecture. We even cross the Ghemi River and then move up to the flat terrain and pass to the longest Mini wall and again we move downward and reach to Tsarang then have a rest at teahouse.

Day 8
Tsarang to Lo-Mangthang 3840 m

This is the great day for hiking since you are going to reach Lo-Mangthang. We all move to this place just after the breakfast. Usually, hikers take around 6 hours to reach this destination. Lo-Mangthang has over a thousand of abodes with links to narrow cable rock valley. In addition, you could observe the Mustang Palance that soars over the village. You may feel like heaven just because of mysterious views. All trekkers stay at Teahouse. Some monasteries have very traditional designs.

Day 9
Lo-Mangthang to Dhi 3360 m

After the service of breakfast, all of us move down to Dhi. Even in this place, you are going to observe the most exceptional views and wonder yourself. Despite difficulties still, local people feel very happy. You will stay in this place at a teahouse.

Day 10
Dhi to Ghami 3520 m

We shall go toward to Ghami with hours of walking. All the hikers could enjoy the small local villages. In addition, you can extra fun and pleasure from kind-hearted of locals with good dinner. All of us stay in this place. The view of a river makes very joyful.

Day 11
Ghami to Samar 3660 m

After the breakfast, we would move downward bypassing the striking peaks and interesting sights. Finally, we come to reach this place after hours of walking. Our overnight is at Tea house again.

Day 12

Trekkers again go down to Kagbeni which lays down to 2858 m, and it begins the very early morning. This place has some green forests and some communities. You all will rest this place. Since there are some guest houses and service of food.

Day 13
Kagbeni to Jomsom

We will walk down shortly, just to reach out Jomsom which is very famous for apple brandy, apple wine, dried apple sweets. As you head down, you can even see some mountains. The overnight is in Jomsom at guesthouse.

Day 14
Flying back to Pokhara city

All of us fly to Pokhara city by taking a flight from this place. Again, you will see the wonderful views of mountains and the Himalayas. Our staff will take you to the hotel then you will rest in Lakeside hotel.

Day 15
Pokhara city via Kathmandu city

Heading to KTM city by bus or flight then we will go to the hotel for rest, if you have free time then you can buy some souvenirs or gift around Thamel. Annapurna Mountain Trek would offer you Nepali Dinner. Even you could visit some missing places of Kathmandu city.

Day 16
Departure day

The last day of your trip!! Our staff would take you to the airport by private vehicle for farewell and best wishes. Looking forward to seeing even in the days to come.

Trekking Gears or Trekking Equipment
Gears are very essential in order to set out for the best trekking
Points down

  • A light or heavy water proved trekker boots since you will have to walk sometimes in snow or dry land area such boots offer more safety and easiness. However, you have to make sure that boots fit you well and should be comfortable.
  • A pair of crocus
  • 4 pairs of liner socks. Also, you need to keep warm socks and two pairs of socks for cold. Mainly, trekking or liner socks are very useful.
  • A few pairs of underwear. You could buy by trekking underwear while at the city or shopping center. You could use for other outdoor activities.
  • You should have to carry ultralight which is packable and portable. You can buy either or rent in Nepal. you will have to pay $1 per day.
  • You will have to bring a T-shirt and trousers for both kinds of weather cold or warm.
  • A pair of thermals.
  • Bring a Sleeping Bag which can resist more than 15 degrees Celsius. You can rent in Nepal.
  • A woolen hat, sunhat, and Sunglass.
  • Head torchlight or probable torchlight.
  • Toilet paper, water purifier, sunscreen, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, toothbrush finally toothpaste.
  • You need to bring a Large Duffel bag. So that you can keep all your trekking gears safely. The size is about 30” x 14”, with a complete long zipper including handles along with padlock. It is waterproof.
  • You will have to bring a waterproof jacket with a hood, waterproof pants, 2 pairs of gloves/mittens (1 thin and 1 thick),
  • A sweater to wear under the fleece jacket.
  • You need to bring a small duffel bag or you can buy in Kathmandu Nepal since it is easier for you to carry your stuff.
  • A set of sandals or you could bring comfortable shoes.
  • Drinking water equipment like Thermos in order to carry lukewarm water because you will come across cold places or Normal water bottle.
  • You need a 30-40-liter daypack, a rucksack with aluminum support and a waterproof bag for covering a rucksack.
  • First aid kit (Diamox, Oral Rehydration salts, all necessary medicines including bandage)
  • Trekking sticks
  • Waterproof Map
  • if wish you could bring books or a phone, tablet.
  • Bring the eatable items which you like.
  • You could bring a Camera depending on your choice.

Trip Cost Includes

  • When picking you to a hotel and taking you to the airport by private vehicle.
  • The hotel bills of Teahouse and guest house while hiking.
  • Payment of Breakfast and Bed at hotels.
  • Tea or coffee while trekking even breakfast, and lunch plus dinner.
  • Fresh fruits serve after dinner every day.
  • Natural water service with purification when trekking
  • Payment of the licensed holder and English-speaking Guide.
  • Providence of Porters, one porter can carry 20 to 25 kg of two trekkers,
  • The costs of Food. Accommodation, salary, trekking equipment even insurance included for the Guide and Porters.
  • Local Taxes and Tourist service charge.
  • Conservation area and National park fees
  • Trekking Registration Charge.
  • First Aid kids.
  • Annapurna circuit trek map
  • Typical Nepali Thali dinner by G.K. Majestic Trek.

Trip Cost Excludes

  • Airport taxes, ticket, trekking equipment, and medicine.
  • Must have travel insurance and Nepali visa cost.
  • All electrical items including a charger while on the trek.
  • Mineral water, sweet, candy, bar bills (Hard & soft drink) massages for body and laundry.
  • Tips for Guide and Porters.
  • All the things which you need without an include section.
  • Dinner, lunch in Kathmandu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Upper Mustang?

Based in Nepal, Asia Continent, near to Tibet and Mustang is 3840 m from sea level. This is in the Himalayan Reign. This has been a secret place for many trekkers.

When is the best time for Upper Mustang Trek?

Possible in all seasons but Autumn and Spring are the best times. If you are adventurous and healthy, then all the months are best. You would have to face mostly cold weather in winter. The systematic plan is always good for the amazing trek.

What do you need for Upper Mustang Trek?

Upper Mustang trek route is a comfortable route ever. So, a healthy person would have an amazing trekking. You have to be sound psychically also mentally and you have to prepare very well by maintaining gears and guide.

How long do you have to walk each day while heading to Upper Mustang Trek?

It depends on the trekkers; you have to hike about 4-5-7 hours but, sometimes you have to walk a few hours despite walking you can take some rest at teahouse or guest house.

What is the highest altitude for reaching Upper Mustang Trek?

The upper mustang trek is 3840 m from the sea level. However, the altitude of Jomsom 2720 m. So you need to hike for 3000 m and a little more.

What about charging battery and shower facilities?

You could get access to charge your batteries in some places on the way. But, you will have to bring your charger and have to pay some amount for charging, the good news is that you can get access to a hot shower or cold depending upon your choice. So, it is good to bring light and portable.

Do you get ATMs on the way to Upper Mustang Trek?

There are no ATMs on the way to mustang trek. So, you have to withdraw from Pokhara or Kathmandu and you need to have Nepali rupees. It will be easier. While having food you to pay in Nepali rupees.

What about Internet Access?

You can have the internet in some areas on the way. Sometimes, the Internet is not faster since there is no tower. There is no line of cable.

Necessary to hire Guides/trekking agency for Upper Mustang Trek?

Systematic hiking is very important, it is good to go with trekking agents, a skilled guide can help you while going to trek since you may face problems in offseason or climbing to the mountains.
If you are planning to do trekking for the first time, then you have to think wisely if you go on trekking through an Agency then it will be easier because you can get the help of trekking even money budget.

It is possible to do Heli Tour or Mountain Flights?

Surely, you can get access to Heli Touring and Mountain Flights in Nepal. But, you have to book early.

How much should you tip guides and porters?

No fix tipping to Potters and Guides if you offer them then they feel happy. For example, if potters or guides charge per day $20 of 10 days then = $200.You can tip 15% which means $30, this is enough. Nrs. 3000 roughly. Consequently, you might tip from Rs 2500 to Rs 4000 depending on your choice. This is only for Guides and Potters. Since trekkers already take 15% out of $900.
No need to pay for the taxi drivers and restaurant staffs since restaurant takes10% of service charge. If you have questions, then comment below.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Upper Mustang Trek
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From $2,155.00 $1,950.00
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu Airport
  • 16 Days

  • Strenuous
  • Sep-Nov and March-May
  • 4000 Meters

  • Both Air and Ground
  • Kathmandu Airport

Trip Booking