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Packing things is very important while trekking or hiking in any particular places around the world. Before packing your equipment you should know about the place where you are going. The collection of all the information about Nepal’s weather, altitude, and environment where you are hiking is the most important. Additionally, The pack list for the trekking in Nepal depend upon the season and area of the trek(altitude, Environment and seasons). There are many pack list that is required for Trekking in Nepal.

Backpacks and Bags

The backpack is very important while hiking or trekking. Because you will be carrying all the necessary equipment as per your needs. You can have all your necessary clothes packed in the bag. If you are planning to carry a DSLR camera then it is very necessary to carry a camera bag for its protection from snow, snow, and rain.


During your trekking wearing warm dresses is most important. Clothes are required depending upon the number of peoples. It is better to have waterproof dresses because other clothes can easily get wet due to rain, river or even sweating during treks thus, it might get heavier. Mainly, you must be sure to carry a raincoat.

Hiking Shoes

Mainly, walking is the main part of trekking and hiking. You should have to carry water shoes and flip-flops. You must be sure that the shoes must be waterproof and comfortable which will indirectly help to make your journey happiest.


Quick-drying towels are best for trekking and hiking. It is great to start and end all your day by washing your face and legs. You should not compromise on your hygiene whenever and wherever you go for trekking. Quick-drying towels will help you don’t get to take bath as much as you want.


Electricity is very rare in trekking and while you are in nature. Sometimes you need to walk at night at that time it is very necessary to carry headlamps.

Reusable water bottle

Clean drinking water is very necessary while trekking and hiking. After a long walk, you might get thirsty so that it is very necessary. Rather, you can carry the water purifying tablets to make sure the water is safe to drink.

Sleeping Bag

This is the most necessity while trekking the lodge-based treks. But sleeping bags may help you in a different role while sleeping when you get hard beds, dirty bedsheets, and light-cold blankets in your journey. So, it is better for you if you are prepared before.

First Aid Kit

This is the most important thing that you need in your entire trek. Make sure to carry all the medication for the trekking along with the first aid kit. You might get frustrated, wounds, or any sick might occur for that first aid kit is very necessary. You might be prepared before keeping it in easy places so that it comes in your hand in an emergency situation. First Aid Kit is the most important backlist that you must bring for your first trekking in Nepal. 

Moisturizing creams and lip balm

During your trekking in mountain areas, your lips and skin may dry up due to cold air. In that condition, good moisturizing creams and lips balm will protect your skin from drying. Your lips and skin may crack to discomfort if you don’t care about it and might be difficult till your journey ends.

Hiking Stick

A hiking stick is very especially for frequent ascends and descends. You might get tired while walking 6-7 hours per day, for that purpose hiking stick helps you to reach your destination. If you don’t want to carry a commercial walking stick then you should have to carve the tree branch or limb accordingly.

Anti Theft Backpacks

Tourists places like Thamel, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini are more gathering places. So, at that condition, there are lots of chances of theft. So that We offer you to carry an anti-theft backpack for travel in crowded places.


During your journey, you might be hungry that for removing some amount of hungriness you can carry some nice snacks like granola bars and chocolate bars. That will help you to give much extra kick while trekking.

Hand Sanitizer 

Being sick during trekking can make your trip worst. While eating something you need to take extra care. Various germs are in your hand during your trek for that purpose do not forget to use a hand sanitizer to kill germs.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper is the most important thing during your whole journey. If you go to more remote areas, toilet papers are very less in amount so that it will help you everywhere.

Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

In most places, electricity is very rare, especially in remote places. So that charging point is very less in amount. In that condition, extra batteries can help you a lot. For capturing the photographs extra memory card will help you while trekking. In the remote areas,  Extra Battery, Powerbank, and memory cards are essential packlist for trekking in Nepal.

Map and Compass/GPS

According to your trekking route, you can carry a map of the respective places or you can use a compass. While in some places maps and compass play a vital role in your survival.